Earlier this week, Lely, formally identified in red, came out with a daring new yellow logo. Should we be expecting yellow robots now? The short answer is no. Lely turned yellow in celebration of their “Yellow Revolution” announcement on Wednesday, August 29th.  Since 2005, Lely has announced a Yellow Revolution each time they showcase an innovative product to the public for the first time. The latest creation, the Orbiter, was the tenth product to bring about a Yellow Revolution.

            So, what is it? The Orbiter is an automatic on-farm processing unit that allows milk harvested from the robot to be processed and bottled without ever having to leave your farm. Lely strives to create a bright future in farming, to recognize farmer’s problems, and to create a solution. The Orbiter solves a problem many farms are facing today by allowing farmers to be in more control of their product. They can continue to create a safe, high-quality product while being able to showcase its production from start to finish to the public. Lely says, “This unique on-farm dairy processing system opens up new opportunities for farmers to process and market their milk. It will contribute in a fair, direct, and pure way to a sustainable future for farmers, as well as consumers.” Lely Center Mid-Atlantic is proud to be a part of a forward-thinking company, and we look forward to serving our customers with this new innovation.

For more information on the Orbiter follow the link below:


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