“Do you work for Lely or Fisher & Thompson?”

It is a question we hear often when meeting new people or working with new customers. With more eyes on Lely Center Mid-Atlantic and Fisher & Thompson, Inc. than ever this year, we thought we would take the opportunity to explain. Lely Center Mid-Atlantic is the Lely division within Fisher & Thompson, Inc. All employees are employed by Fisher & Thompson, Inc.

“Why do you go by Lely Center Mid-Atlantic? What is Lely Center Mid-Atlantic?”

                Because of Fisher & Thompson’s unique position in the marketplace, customers have a wide range of products and brands they can choose from. Fisher & Thompson strives to reach as many different customers in as many different places with as many different options to choose from as they can. For that reason, we chose to develop our branch as Lely Center Mid-Atlantic. We do so because the team members within Lely Center Mid-Atlantic are almost entirely devoted to the Lely product line and its services. Unlike most Fisher & Thompson employees, we are not diversified at all! We focus on great service and installation of Lely Products. Our division also reflects our close-knit relationship with Lely North America. In contrast to Fisher & Thompson who serves from New York to North Carolina, Lely Center Mid-Atlantic only operates in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Together we can partner with Lely North America to have a bigger impact in our area. We can offer the best solutions to our customers and find new ways of reaching out to prospects that we could not do alone. We can keep a pulse on what is happening with robots all over the world due to this partnership.

“So, what you’re saying is…”

                In short, Lely Center Mid-Atlantic is a division within Fisher & Thompson, Inc. We serve Pennsylvania and Maryland with Lely product line solutions, with the same superior quality of service that Fisher & Thompson customers are used to receiving!

If you would like to learn more about Fisher & Thompson, Inc. check out their website here

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