This month we are featuring a blog from Lely North America’s Aftermarket Field Specialist, Doug Marty, as he describes a day in the life of working with our Lely Center.

As part of being an Aftermarket Field Specialist with the Lely North American team, I get a chance to work one-on-one with personnel from the Lely Center. During a recent visit, I had the opportunity to work with one of the sales personnel, Dale Dry, from the dealership on one of his regularly scheduled routes. Some of the responsibilities of the route sales personnel are to regularly visit the farms to not only see what supplies are needed, but to also ask questions. How are the cows doing? Are the bacteria counts in good standing? How is the SCC? In what ways can we help you and the cows get better?  Dale takes great care in providing solutions for the farms that he visits with a high level of expertise and an attention to detail that his customers appreciate.

Today was no different and we were taking the opportunity to introduce one of Lely’s newest post spray products, Lely Quaress Omnia, to their customers. Quaress Omnia is an acid based product with a very fast and effective kill against mastitis causing pathogens with a fantastic teat skin care package. The biggest advantages for farms is the fast 5 Log kill (which is true of ALL Lely post spray products killing 99.999% of bacteria), a concentrated formula so farms are not paying for the extra water to be shipped to the farm, the use of naturally occurring acids in the formula means no chance of residuals in the milk causing off tastes or color, and 8% teat skin care package that actually promotes healthy skin. It is a great 1 – 2 punch combining an effective kill against mastitis causing bacteria and superior skin conditioning!

If you are looking for a new solution for your herd, don’t hesitate to contact the great people at Fisher & Thompson and Lely Center Mid-Atlantic for a chance to get a hold of the new Lely Quaress Omnia! As always, we are grateful to support Lely Center Mid-Atlantic to help ensure their customers are successful in their Lely journey.

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