Earlier this month we were joined by Kevin Bender, a member of the Lely North America TSS team, who held a service training on the A5 Astronaut at our soon-to-be started six robot A5 farm. We spent the day reviewing the ins and outs of the robot, focusing on the differences between the A5 and A4, software updates, and changing and updating boards.

Kevin made sure to review the new interface on the E-link screen, and technicians each took to a robot to play around and get comfortable with the options. Even though most technicians in attendance had seen the A5 previously, they were still blown away by the simplicity of the user interface – specifically, the action list which contains a list of the daily chores all in one place. That alone will make it infinitely easier for the farmer to remember the daily maintenance instead of being overwhelmed with it all at start-up. And that’s not even the best part! Each chore has an automatic component to it. For example, imagine the farmer wants to wash down the robot arm. When he selects that activity and presses “start”, the arm automatically moves into the service position and loosens its cups.  When he touches “done”, the arm moves back to the home position and the cups straighten. Amazing! On the A4 you must tell the robot to do each of those steps, and those buttons on the E-link were all in different places, making it harder to learn the system initially. Our entire team at Lely Center Mid-Atlantic is eager to show these new features off to our A5 farmers!

All in all, it was a great day to spend some time with an experienced service specialist from Lely North America. Our team had the ability to ask questions, troubleshoot, and receive support on ongoing calls. We all feel comfortable with the new A5 robot and are gearing up for a smooth start-up in the next few weeks where more Lely North America staff will be joining us.

This is just one of the many times where Lely North America has provided their dealers excellence in support. On our own, Lely Center Mid-Atlantic now has two Product Specialists, as well as many years of experience in robotic service. The support from Lely North America is an added benefit which we are proud to offer our robotic customers so that no problem is overlooked, and producers will always receive the attention they need, when they need it.

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