At this point in the game, you probably know a little something about robotic milking. You might know a little bit about the machine, about different machines available, and some of the advantages of each. Have you dared to dream about how robots might fit into your operation?

            Are you a new robot kind of person? If so, you probably want the latest and greatest and all the benefits of a full warranty period. Let’s take it further than that. Do you need a right-hand robot or a left-hand robot? How many robots would you need? Are you going to incorporate feed and barn robots? If so, all at once or one before the other? What features do you want? You could get a Purasteam to disinfect teat cups with hot steam between each milking, a weigh scale in the floor of the robot, or even a somatic cell reader. There’s a lot to think about!

            Here’s one more decision to make: have you thought about purchasing a used robot? This option might be better for someone who’s looking at a lower cost of entry into the world of robotic milking. Some of the aforementioned options may already be determined but are easy to add on in most cases. When you purchase a used robot, your local robot dealer will take care of travel arrangements for the equipment and will also refurbish the robot before delivering it and installing it at your farm. Rest assured that you still have peace of mind when purchasing a used Lely Astronaut.

            Did you know that Lely has a website to list used robots? If you’re a robot farmer who is looking to sell your robot, contact your local dealer for more information about how to list your robot on the website. If you’re a prospect interested in used robots, this is a great place to see what robots are currently available in the used market. Check it out here

Happy Shopping!

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