Lely Center Mid-Atlantic is happy to introduce to you Lely Horizon, the next step towards a bright future in the automation of the dairy farm which Lely presented at the Lely Future Farm days in early October. This future is about creating knowledge from data, and making your life easier, your animals healthier and your business more profitable. Lely Horizon is an online application for managing your farm and your Lely robots. It optimizes data by combining existing information with information from your other partners if you choose to do so. Horizon offers insights and proactive advice with which you can make better choices. We call this “decision support”. An intuitive user interface that gives you quick access to all the information you need. Easy to learn and great to use on your PC, mobile and tablet, it provides you with a step-by-step explanation and support.

Click HERE to find more information about this new way of managing your farm.

Lely Horizon: the new standard for Lely customers

Horizon will become the new standard farm management application for Lely customers with a Lely Astronaut or Lely Vector. Over the course of 2021, users of Lely T4C will gradually switch over to Lely Horizon. The good news is that we will automatically upgrade you to Horizon, similarly to how T4C gets updates now. We will inform you about the next steps a few weeks before the roll-out at your farm, which is expected to be this fall.


Horizon is available in two different packages: Control and Advance. For current Lely customers, we also temporarily offer an entry-level package (Basic) which comes with limited functionality. You can compare the functionalities of the different packages HERE to help you choose which would be the best option for you.

Paying per cow

With this new application comes a new way of paying: Horizon is offered as a subscription. The price differs per package, and is invoiced digitally based on the number of lactating cows milked by your Lely Astronaut. In this way, the costs of your farm management application are related to the milk yields and are always transparent. Currently, your T4C maintenance is charged via your Lely Center as part of the machine maintenance or service agreement or is included in other fees. In the subscription for Horizon, the software maintenance is included. We will send your personal subscription conditions in a separate letter. We recommend you read that letter carefully, as it will also contain an introductory offer we believe may be of great interest to you.

What can you do to prepare for Lely Horizon?

Ensure there is enough bandwidth for the best experience. A good internet connection and WIFI are required to get the best experience from Horizon. To profit from all the data, insights, and proactive advice, make sure you have enough bandwidth (minimum 1 Mbps upload and 1 Mbps download dedicated to Lely Horizon) to optimize your farm and make better choices. Your internet provider can give you more information about your download and upload speeds.

If you are a current user, you will have noticed a banner in your T4C announcing a Farmer Horizon Training. Begin going through the modules to learn more about Horizon. Feel free to reach out to your FMS specialist with any questions you may have.

Sign up for the Horizon Community Page. Lely created the Horizon Community Page for farmers to ask Horizon related questions to other farmers. This forum will be a helpful resource as you begin your transition. To access the Horizon Community Page, click HERE. On the right-hand side of the page you’ll see a button called “register”. That will bring you to a small questionnaire. Fill it out. (Only the * questions are required. There is a question that will ask you for your Horizon license code, you DO NOT need it to register). Once you click to register it’ll pop up another window. Lely is creating all the usernames etc. so they will then email you your login information. Once you have your login you can click the link and log in to access the site.

A smooth transition

You can find information about the possibilities and functionalities of Lely Horizon on our website HERE. Your FMS advisor will, of course, be happy to support you in the transition. The e-learnings on your T4C will remain available after installation.

With Lely Horizon, you’ll have future farming at your fingertips!

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