This October, I was sitting in a meeting with our team at Lely Center Mid-Atlantic and everyone was going around the table introducing themselves to a new hire at Lely North America and announcing how many years they have worked with Fisher & Thompson. There were seven people in that meeting. Can you guess how many years of cumulative experience there was in the room?

a) 50-70 years

b) 71-100 years

c) 101-120

d) 121-140

If you guessed “c”, you’re right. Together, our team of five service technicians, one salesperson, and one manager has a total of 112 years of experience. That is just mind-blowing. We have two newer service technicians who are at about a year in and two people who have been with Fisher & Thompson since its inception 38 years ago. Our experience is easy to take for granted when you’re in the day-to-day. However, our newer technicians provided some valuable insight in the meeting. They shared how comfortable they felt going out on farms and pushing themselves to troubleshoot areas outside of their normal comfort zone because they know they have such a strong team to back them up. Our newer technicians help balance out our team as well. They bring a fresh perspective to our goals and often times they can pick up new advancements in technology quickly.

In our meeting, we talked about our motto for Lely Center Mid-Atlantic: Leading Technology. Maximized Genetic Potential. Peace of Mind.

If it weren’t for the experience of our service team, we wouldn’t be able to claim the peace of mind that we do.

We’re Growing

            Our wealth of knowledge is continuing to grow year by year. This year we jumped even further by adding an addition to our sales team, Carly Shaw. Carly started in late October. Carly is a Virginia Tech graduate who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dairy Science. She, along with her family, raise and show Jersey heifers. She worked as an IVF Embryologist for Trans Ova Genetics, where she enjoyed helping farms on the East Coast maximize their genetic potential. Carly is excited to work with Lely Center Mid-Atlantic to help farms increase efficiency and improve overall animal health and profitability. We are so excited to have Carly join our team and can’t wait to watch all her future successes!

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