In early July, Lely released Horizon for Vector farms. Lely Center Mid-Atlantic Vector customers are finally in the process of transitioning to Horizon. Our Vector customers will find exciting features on Horizon like the addition of a widget on the dashboard showing a graph of dry matter intakes, as well as the kitchen set-up on the app. This change allows most of our customers to be eligible to transition to Horizon. Customers who have multiple “herds” set up in T4C and Vector Beef customers are not eligible to transition to Horizon but are expected to be in the third quarter of 2022.

            Lely Center Mid-Atlantic currently has almost 50% of our customers registered on Horizon. This trend mimics Lely North America, which also has 50% enrollment. Using analytic tools from Google, we can measure access to both Horizon and T4C as they are accessed throughout the day. The goal, of course, is to see Horizon being opened much more frequently than T4C. I’m excited to share that 90% of our customers enrolled in Horizon are using it most of the time instead of T4C.

            With that said, we’re not going to pretend like the transition to Horizon has been all rainbows and sunshine! Our Lely Center staff as well as our customers have certainly had to weather the early storm. In contrast to T4C’s quarterly updates, Horizon is updating every two weeks. These updates are reflecting direct feedback from customers. This means two things. First, keep communicating any issues you may see. Lely has an effective feedback loop for customer improvement suggestions. Second, if you were an early Horizon user who was immediately turned off and gave, up consider giving it a second try. Horizon has greatly improved since January, and it is certainly the tool of the future for Lely herd management.

            Lely is continually monitoring feedback from the field, usage analytics, the progress of updates, and migration trends. Based on these current analytics, the Horizon migration schedule will be continued through June 30, 2023. Instead of having to transition by December, you can now wait to transition until June of 2023. However, those who wait will be losing key incentives to transition early. Customers who register for Horizon after January 1, 2023, will have no migration offer (credits towards Horizon), and there will be no dual use of T4C. It has been hugely beneficial for customers transitioning to Horizon to have T4C as a backup if they need it. I highly recommend customers consider transitioning to Horizon while that option is still available.

            In conclusion, the time to give Horizon a try (or another try) is now! Register for Horizon while the incentives save you money and provide you an easier transition. If you were burnt by an early use of Horizon, remember that it’s had sprint updates coming out every two weeks and has reached well over 10,000 users worldwide. That’s 10,000 plus opportunities for feedback that has been considered for these updates. Don’t get left behind, the clear choice for Lely’s future “Farming with Data” is Horizon!

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