Almost 15 years ago, the first automatic feed pusher on the market was installed in the Netherlands, the Lely Juno. For many years, farmers have saved time and improved feed efficiency with the Lely Juno 100 and 150. As of today, there is an install base of over 13,000 Juno’s worldwide. Beginning production in September of 2022, Lely is proud to announce the creation of the Lely Juno J2.

            The J2 Juno has been updated to improve performance, reduce running costs, and focus on optimizing serviceability. The updates include a new, more efficient motor, with a longer life expectancy and lower maintenance costs. The J2 features a tighter skirt which is stronger and easier to service. The most anticipated features comes with the new tires and wheels. The tires have been tested globally and have seen positive results. The wheels contain a solid fill and have been extensively tested for slippage, wear, defects, and lifetime expectancy. These wheel improvements will also be available to upgrade existing Juno’s. The J2 features a software upgrade to improve the dynamic feeding setting and also allows for connection to Lely Horizon.

            Lely Center Mid-Atlantic anticipates such high demand for the Juno J2 that we have preordered 10 units which will be available for farm delivery as soon as January 2023. Curious about how the J2 will fit in your barn? Contact our Lely Salesman, Matthew Brake, for more information. 717-830-1273,

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